Hieff NGS™ Dual UMI UDB Adapter Kit for MGI, Set1 (001-048)-13367ES

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Hieff NGS™ Dual UMI UDB Adapter Kit for MGI, Set 1 is a special kit for library preparation of the MGI high-throughput sequencing platform. This kit contains the MGI UMI Adapters (short adapter) and the UDB Primers for high-throughput sequencing library preparation. The UMI Adapters include an 8 bp Unique Molecular Identifier (UMI) used to detect low-frequency mutations which effectively reduce index hopping and mismatches, and ensure the accuracy and authenticity of the analysis results.


Components No. Name 48×2 T 48×4 T
13367 UMI Adapter for MGI 480 μL 960 μL
UDB Primer 001-048 10 μL each 20 μL each


-25℃ ~ -15℃ storage, valid for 18 months.


  • The DNA library structure

Figure 1. The DNA library structure


  • Sequence information

UMI Adapter for MGI:
Barcode 2 Primer for MGI:
Barcode 1 Primer for MGI:
[Barcode 2] represents the 10 bp Barcode 2 sequence, and [Barcode 1] represents the 10 bp Barcode 1 sequence. The Barcode names, the Barcode sequences of the primers, and the corresponding Barcode sequence information for the sequencing are shown in the manual.

Figure 2. Sequence information

Note: For the Dual Barcode sequence design of the MGI platform, in Barcode 1-48, every 8 barcodes are one group; in Barcode 49-96, every 4 barcodes are one group. To achieve the optimal sequencing quality, when preparing multi-sample libraries, it is recommended to use Barcodes of continuous Barcode_ID to prepare libraries, and the Barcode types need to be more than 8.

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