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Polyacrylamide gel (PAGE gel) is often used for protein electrophoresis to realize protein separation. This kind of gel is generally composed of concentrated gel and separation gel. The former plays the role of concentrating protein samples, while the latter separates proteins of different sizes according to the concentration of acrylamide monomer and N,N-methylenebisacrylamide (methyleneacrylamide) crosslinking agent used in the gel.
This kit provides a variety of reagents required for quick preparation of PAGE gel. Users only need to prepare their own gel preparation equipment to prepare gel, which greatly simplifies the gel preparation process. The gel prepared by this kit can only be used for denaturing PAGE gel electrophoresis. This specification can prepare about 125 pieces of mini gel (calculated by 0.75 mm thick gel).


  • Fast gel preparation speed - at least 2 min is required to prepare multiple gel, without calculating the required solution amount and dilution.
  • Color concentrated gel - the concentrated gel is colored, which provides the greatest convenience for sampling. The color formula contained does not affect subsequent applications such as electrophoresis, dyeing and membrane transfer.
  • No odor - TEMED is not required to avoid odor.
  • High stability - the ammonium sulfate catalyst solution provided by the kit is an improved APS, and its stability and catalytic efficiency have been greatly improved.
  • One-step gluing - no need to close the separation gel, and directly add concentrated gel.


  • Denatured protein electrophoresis


SDS-PAGE concentrated gel concentration 4.2 %
SDS-PAGE separation gel concentration 15 %
Separation range (kDa) 10-45 
Gel System Tris-glycine


Components No. Name 20327ES62 (125 mini gels)
20327-A 15 % - separation gel buffer 250 mL
20327-B 15 % - separation gel solution 250 mL
20327-C 15 % - color concentrated gel buffer 80 mL
20327-D 15 % - concentrated gel solution 80 mL
20327-E Prepare gel cup 3
20327-F Improved ammonium persulfate solution 8 mL


The product should be stored at 2℃~8℃. Among them, 20327-F (Improved ammonium persulfate solution) can be stored at -25℃~-15℃ for 12 months if it is not used for a long time.


  • The PAGE gel preparation effect by Cat#20327 Kit

Figure 1. The PAGE gel preparation effect with clear Marker band

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